Milestone Shooting Collection 2 bundles five shmups on Wii

The first Milestone Shooting Collection for Wii came to North America as Ultimate Shooting Collection, and combined Chaos Field, Radio Allergy, and Karous into one delightfully cheap collection of vertical shmups.

Milestone is developing a followup in Japan, which contains everything the first disc offered, plus two more games. Milestone Shooting Collection 2 includes all three of the aforementioned games, plus Radio Allergy Noir (a version of which was released as a standalone, full-price Xbox 360 game) and Illvelo, which was once planned for North American release but canceled. Perhaps North American publisher UFO Interactive will give Illvelo a second chance by bringing this collection over. If you want the import, it's out in Japan on December 30.

You can see more of each game at the official site.