Mo-DV bringing major motion pictures to microSD cards

Hard to say why this here fad is just now catching on -- after all, select studios warmed to the idea of putting their content onto portable flash storage years ago. That said, we've seen both Flix on Stix and this here contraption surface within the same month, but honestly, we're having a hard time believing that it's a niche waiting to explode. Mo-DV has just announced a new Universal Player for microSD cards, enabling Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and your everyday Windows PC to play back DRM'd movies stored on a microscopic slab of memory. As for Android users, they'll need version 2.1 or newer, and while few details are given, the company has confessed that more platform support is coming (good luck, Windows Phone 7). No one's talking pricing or release information just yet, but potentially more frightening is this: has anyone ever considered just how inconvenient it is to keep a handful of microSD cards around, let alone swap them in and out of your smartphone?

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Mo-DV Enables Movie Studios to Securely Distribute Movies on Micro SD Cards for Android Devices

Mo-DV Universal Player enables the play of protected content across cell phones, PCs and tablets via USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards

CAMPBELL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mo-DV, an innovator of multimedia content delivery via USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards, today announced that its Mo-DV Universal Player™ intellectual property (IP) with Digital Rights Management (DRM) is now enabling major movie studios to securely offer movies on SD cards for Android devices. This milestone follows Mo-DV's success in enabling movie studios to securely offer their movies to consumers, for the past two years, via USB Flash Drives.

"We are excited to expand upon our USB Flash Drive success by now offering Mo-DV Universal Player technology on Micro SD cards for the Android operation system (version 2.1 and later)"

"We are excited to expand upon our USB Flash Drive success by now offering Mo-DV Universal Player technology on Micro SD cards for the Android operation system (version 2.1 and later)," said Jessica Fullmer, CEO of Mo-DV. "There is increasing demand for movies on USB Flash Drives and SD cards rather than on DVDs, as these newer formats are more portable, offer a wide variety of options at a reasonable price point, and they can be used on numerous mobile platforms as well as on PCs. Furthermore, movies on Flash memory devices are a more suitable option than downloading content over the Internet, as today's viewers aren't willing to deal with downloading delays, picture flickers, fade out and lost signals. As such, we are looking forward to targeting our technology to more SmartPhone operating systems in the months to come."

Over the past two years, two major motion picture studios have released movies stored on USB Flash Drives, utilizing Mo-DV's Mo-DV Universal Player and DRM technology, in parallel with movies released on DVDs and Blu-ray. The movies on USB Flash Drives, containing Mo-DV technology, can be readily identified by looking for the Mo-DV logo on the product packaging. These products have been sold through large retailers including Fry's Electronics, Office Max, Media Markt, and Gamestation. The new Micro SD cards, with movie content, provide mobile device retailers sales-incentive opportunities.

Mo-DV's Mo-DV Universal Player, backed by patent 7,508,943B2, allows the play of protected content across multiple platforms and thus eliminates the need to create separate SKUs for each platform. Movie studios can more readily prevent the illegal duplication of their content with Mo-DV for USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards-an issue that couldn't be easily combated with distribution of content on DVDs. The technology is designed to enable content owners to specify a range of variables including the number of downloads allowed, number of plays allowed, and whether content can be copied from one appliance to another.

Gary Schultz, president and principal analyst at Multimedia Research Group, Inc. noted, "Delivering movie content on Micro SD Cards and USB Flash is becoming increasingly more prolific. Yet, with this comes the potential for pirating content. Mo-DV's technology alleviates these concerns with its DRM. It also offers another important advantage, it enables a single memory device such as a Micro SD card or USB Flash to play movies on multiple operating systems and on multiple platforms."

Mo-DV Universal Player is designed to work on USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards across diverse platforms including: cellphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. For cellphones the Mo-DV Universal Player supports these operating systems: Symbian S60 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions, Windows Mobile 5 and 6 series, with others following shortly. For laptops and PCs, Mo-DV Universal Player supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Mo-DV's product offerings are available to content owners, hardware manufacturers, carriers and memory manufacturers. Adoption of the technology is relatively simple. Upon licensing it is loaded as a disk image onto the flash memory device during the USB Flash Drive or Micro SD Card duplication process.

About Mo-DV

Mo-DV provides its patented multiplatform video player with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to store, and distribute video and audio content securely via USB Flash Drives and SD cards for use on mobile devices and PCs. Its technology turns portable devices with USB and SD card ports into movie, music and video players. With this software technology, Mo-DV aims to revolutionize the way media distributors, retailers, kiosk manufacturers, memory card manufacturers, and movie studios distribute video and other multimedia content to consumers. Founded in 2002, Mo-DV is a privately held company based in Campbell, Calif. For more information, visit