Radio Shack selling $99 EVO 4Gs with a trade-in, $80 myTouch 4Gs (update)

Hey, EVO admirer: got a crappy phone you wouldn't mind seeing disappear? You might want to consider bringing it down to Radio Shack, where a new promo running through Christmas will net you a shiny new EVO 4G for $99 on contract if you bring in "any working handset," which should presumably include that dirt-encrusted StarTAC that's stuck in that no-man's land between "usable" and "collectible." From an article over on TmoNews, looks like they're also hawking you're choice of a myTouch 4G or G2 or $79.99 on contract if T-Mobile's more to your liking than Sprint (or if you don't have WiMAX coverage in your neck of the woods). Even better, any new activation will apparently get you a free Bluetooth headset, so you'll walk out of the store with a shiny new smartphone and a reason to keep it off your greasy face. Score!

Update: Did we say you needed a trade-in? You may be able to keep that StarTAC in the display case if you buy online, as we're seeing the same magical $99 price for an EVO 4G at Radio Shack's website. It comes with a Plantronics Explorer 240 and free shipping, too. Find it at our more coverage link.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]