Freemium 'Buzz!: Quiz Player' comes to PSN today, with DualShock support

You know that one team at the pub quiz nights that just crushes it every week? Well, we'd like to see you get even, and today's announcement and (free) release of Buzz!: Quiz Player, previously outed by the ESRB, seems like a good start.

Quiz Player features 90 sample questions in the free base app launching on PSN today, plus classic Buzz! staples like Point Builder, Fastest Finger, Point Stealer and Final Countdown. The game supports the traditional Buzz! controllers and DualShock 3s -- which is most welcome, since it allows everyone a chance at those those quiz night know-it-alls. Honestly, they have it coming.

Vendettas aside, other question packs will be available through in-game purchase, covering such topics as Comedy, Rock Legends, Space and U.S. Sports, according to associate producer Jenny Barbour, who also confirmed Facebook integration. Though, the feature questionably involves publishing your game details online. You wouldn't want your Facebook friends to find out you had no idea which volcano leveled Pompeii in 74 AD, would you?

Psst, it was "Mount Suvius."