Nintendo 3DS warning label: children under six shouldn't use 3D mode

Ever since the device was first shown at E3, we've been under the impression that the Nintendo 3DS is too good to be true -- three-dimensional, portable versions of beloved N64 games? That's un-possible. The other shoe we've been waiting to drop might have just done so with Nintendo's recently released 3DS warning label; not only does it caution adults to stop using the device if they start to feel ill, it also says that children under six shouldn't use the handheld's 3D functionality at all, as it may affect the development of their poor, innocent eyes.

This isn't quite as explosive a story as the mainstream media will likely make it out to be -- 3D display experts have long discussed the possible repercussions the technology has on eyesight. The worry isn't that displays like the one included in the 3DS will actually harm your vision, but that the way it "tricks" your eyes into seeing 3D might impair the way you actually see depth, which is, of course, the coolest dimension.

Of course, there's no firm research confirming these worries, but Nintendo's playing it safe -- the 3DS' parental controls will allow parents to lock the device into 2D mode for their under-six progeny.