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Engadget Podcast 175: CES 2010 Day 1 - 01.06.2010

Trent Wolbe

What fits in a doublewide trailer, loves Lady Gaga, and smells like the 3-week-old oil in a neglected deep fryer? Why, it's Engadget's 2010 CES coverage, of course! Join us for the first in a series of what is destined to be a spellbinding and uncensored peek into the private lives of your favorite bloggers during an annual melange of stress, sleep deprivation, and wacky concept devices. It's the Engadget Podcast - beaming the shimmering seediness of Las Vegas direct to your home and/or portable media player for far too many years running.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Note! - Poker Face (Blurp Remix)

Hear the podcast

01:31 - Nexus One review
01:53 - Verizon getting Google's Nexus One in Spring 2010
17:00 - Microsoft to reveal HP built Courier slate tomorrow?
20:20 - Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid hands-on and impressions
24:30 - Lenovo Skylight hands-on and impressions (video)
35:25 - Live from ASUS's CES press event
35:36 - ASUS gets official with Eee PC 1008P Seashell: available in hot pink and coffee brown (updated: with video!)
35:40 - ASUS announces U series Bamboo Collection laptops, gives little detail
36:23 - ASUS ROG G73jh launches with Core i7, Radeon HD 5870, bragging rights
36:55 - ASUS NX90Jq hands-on: dual touchpads unite! (update: video)
43:53 - Skiff Reader is largest yet, will be hitting a Sprint Store near you
45:00 - Spring Design Alex hands-on (Update: video!)
50:25 - Michael Jackson 'This is It' PS3 bundle makes it a better place for you and me
51:10 - Hands-on with the Boxee Box

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Twitter: @joshuatopolsky @futurepaul @reckless @engadget

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