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A video demo of RVU extending a DirecTV DVR to another room

Ben Drawbaugh

We've been exited about the multiroom capabilities of the new RVU protocol built on top of DLNA since the alliance was announced -- DirecTV let its intentions of releasing products in 2010 known at the same time. Up until now we haven't actually been able to see it in action, but today we caught a great demo at the Entropic's booth, and it's cool. The demo showed a totally new DirecTV DVR connected to multiple TVs. The first TV was connected via HDMI and thanks to the wonders of MoCA, the others via coax. What is cool is that they all have the exact same experience and you can use it in up to 8 rooms, but only four TVs at the same time (one on the DVR, three via coax). Any TV with RVU built in -- Samsung and Sony are both a part of the RVU Alliance -- works without a set-top box, but for everything there's a small client. The new DVR obvioulsy needs more than two tuners to support all these clients but that information isn't public yet, but we were told it would be more than two tuners -- our guess is between four and eight. We were impressed and admit that this and 3D are two reasons we'll be seriously considering DirecTV as our HD provider.

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