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Moldover's limited edition Mojo MIDI controller for serious musicians with seriously deep pockets (video)


When 21st century renaissance man Moldover couldn't find the controller with, and we quote: ""the intuitive tactile response" that he needed to supply the blips and buzzes that are his stock and trade as a performing musician, he built his own. And he'll sell you one -- for about $1,800 bucks. Mojo is a 12-inch by 18-inch (give or take) mahogany box with all the touch strips, arcade console buttons, knobs, faders, and toggle switches you need to rock the house party, club, or where ever it is that you move bodies (the morgue maybe? Sorry, that was a bad joke). This is a USB MIDI device, and as such there are no drivers to install -- but the dude does kindly supply an Ableton Live MIDI map. Oh, and the faceplate is scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. What -- you're still reading this? You'd better hurry up and order, only twenty will be made. Ships in March. Video after the break.

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