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Inaugural Sky 3DTV soccer broadcast received warmly, hooligans opt for Michael Jackson & the Grammys instead


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While U.S. audiences suffered through yet another anaglyph 3D broadcast as the Grammys presented Earth Song in traditional red/blue format courtesy of Target-distributed glasses, Sky kicked off its first true 3DTV broadcast across the pond during a Man. U/Arsenal match. Distributed to a few select pubs ahead of a wide rollout due in April, patrons slipped on passive 3D glasses and caught the entire match live from Emirates stadium. Luckily this experiment went over far better than the Dallas Cowboys disaster, though several criticized the need to remain more directly in front of the monitor to see the action and that the effect was less pronounced on long shots. However the new tech excelled the most during close ups and slow motion, as Pocket-Lint quoted viewer Kate Cobley "It's brilliant, the corner and back of the goal views are just amazing. It makes the game so much better. If it's in 3D then I would definitely be more likely to come to the pub to watch sport." We figure the real test will come during the World Cup this summer, if ESPN's 3DTV broadcast can get U.S. audiences tuning into the beautiful game then 3D may actually live up to all the CES hype. Until then check the read and more coverage links for a few more impressions, or the video embedded after the break.

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