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Brother's SV-70 e-book reader is a little bit cheaper, still $1,100

Tim Stevens

Remember the SV-100B "Document Viewer" from this time last year? It's okay, we had to look it up too. With its $1,500 MSRP and exclusive release in Japan, it hardly made waves over here. We're expecting the SV-70 to have a similarly ripple-free reception in the States, since it too probably isn't coming here, but there's no telling how Japanese businesspeople will take to it, ditching the Bluetooth module that gave its predecessor a bit of charm, and even the lowly 2GB microSD card that was formerly included on the way to a lower (but still high) $1,100 MSRP. Other specs remain the same, including a relatively expansive 9.7-inch, 1200 x 825 display, 100MB of internal memory, microSD expansion slot, and 83 hours worth of battery life. Why, that's plenty of time to read even the lengthiest of pseudo-inspirational corporate memos.

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