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Motorola CLIQ updated, Android 2.1 still MIA

Chris Ziegler

Sitting somewhere between that accidental update from a few weeks back and an honest-to-goodness cut of Android 2.1 lies this puppy, a new official build for Motorola's CLIQ versioned 1.3.18. By all appearances, this is basically a smoothed-out, refined version of the first CLIQ upgrade from early December, featuring further improvements to battery life and both touchscreen and accelerometer accuracy, but they've also managed to squeeze in QuickOffice 2 and better support for corporate email accounts. Though we'd prefer Eclair, of course, we'll take what we can get -- and technically, we're not even due for 2.1 yet anyhow. The upgrade's being pushed as a phased rollout -- as virtually all Android updates seem to be -- so if you haven't gotten it yet, keep checking every ten seconds or so (and if people think you're acting strangely, just claim that you're getting a ton of text messages -- it usually works for us).

[Thanks, Juan R.]

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