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Qisda QD060B00 e-reader hits the FCC


We've already seen MIDs, high-res phones, and a few other odd devices from Qisda since it spun off from / encompassed BenQ, and it looks like it's now trying its hand at another e-reader as well. Still no official word about this one, but the device does look like it'll hold its own with a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen (16 levels of gray), along with built-in WiFi, a microSD card slot for expansion, and support for all the basic formats you'd expect (including ePub and PDF) -- the e-reader itself is also Linux-based. Coming from Qisda, it's also possible that this one will be picked up by someone else and rebadged before its released, although there's no indication of that just yet. There are plenty more pics (both internal and external) to be found at the link below, however, along with the device's user manual.

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