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Sony Ericsson's Cedar and Yendo phones leaked, vying for your attention


Oopsie! Looks like Sony Ericsson's become as leaky as BP's oil rig these days, although we can't say we're all that stirred up by this particular exposé. On the left we have the Cedar, which is much like its hippie GreenHeart cousin Naite but with a touch of SE's "human curvature" sculpting on the back. So yes, still a dumbphone. As for the little Yendo on the right, we won't blame you if you mistook it as the similarly-shaped X10 Mini -- even the UI looks strikingly alike, plus both are littered with similarly vast ranges of back cover options to suit your retinal taste. That said, there's been no mention on whether this Walkman phone also runs on Android, so until SE gives us a clue, we'll be looking elsewhere for the time being. Head over to the source links for more pics.

[Thanks, scotsboyuk]

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