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FaceTime video call happens from most remote oceanic point, inspires sailors everywhere

Darren Murph

Yeah, this same feat could've been accomplished three centuries ago using an early form of telepathy, an N95 and an insanely long string, but for whatever reason, Apple's FaceTime has managed to encourage all kinds of video chats where there previously were none. Video calling from 35,000 feet? Been there, done that. But video calling from a boat in the single most isolated oceanic point in the world? That's a feat that was just recently tackled by the crew aboard Pegasus, a boat entered into the Pacific Cup 2010 en route to Hawaii from San Francisco. Right around halfway between SF and Honolulu lies a point where no land can be found within 1,000 miles in any direction, and it was there that the ship's captain decided to give colleagues back on the mainland a look at the conditions. Mash play below if you're interested in seeing more, and be sure to drop us a line when someone does something similar from Mars.

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