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Next-generation iPod touch and nano accessories and rumors continue to surface

Tim Stevens

We're but a few days away from Apple's music-related "special event," and naturally the bloody rumors are being tossed into the water, frothing up into quite a feeding frenzy. Last week came talk of new iPod touch and nano models, and now we have even more cases and accessories that seem to back up the belief that there's a fourth-generation touch and a sixth-generation nano coming. The nano is rumored to have a 3 x 3cm touchscreen (presumably this one) and room on the bottom for a proper dock connector, ensuring compatibility with the millions of iPod cradles and whatnot out there. The new cases we're seeing certainly back up that idea, with a dock-sized cut-out along with room for what's said to be a headphone jack, volume controls, a hold button, and a clip 'round the back. At the moment we know rather less about the new touch, but we can hazard a guess as to what it'll look like.

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