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It's Monday, and we know that getting the week started can be tough. We're here to help by letting you peek into the recording booth when the Engadget HD podcast goes to tape at 5:30 pm. Think of it as a kind of time machine that will help you power through your day by reviewing what happened in the week HD-wise. Embedded Ustream tools and a list of topics after the break.

The new Apple TV for $99
Apple TV (2010) first look / hands-on! (updated with video)
Apple TV vs. the competition -- how does it stack up?
Boxee Box priced at $199, Avner Ronen says it'll give users 'freedom to watch what you want'
Amazon streaming 99-cent ABC and Fox shows... right now (update: purchases, not rentals!)
Amazon planning subscription video service to challenge Netflix and Hulu?
Roku lowers prices across the board: HD box now $69, $99 HD-XR to get 1080p support
Roku XD and Netgear Roku XD Player hit the FCC
Sony Qriocity on-demand movie service extends into Europe, 'Music Unlimited' coming by year's end
Sony shows off Google TV (or a video of it, anyway) at IFA 2010
Logitech Revue and Google TV get very early blurrycam impressions
Sony: PlayStation 3 Blu-ray 3D update due in October
Panasonic locks up Avatar Blu-ray 3D release for 2010
Sony announces VPL-VW90ES 3D projector at IFA 2010
LG LEX8 'Nano LED' TV eyes-on
LG's 180-inch plasma that wasn't
LG's 31-inch OLED spin-slices its way into our cold LCD hearts
Plex announces partnership with LG, pledges to beat Boxee Box and Apple TV for free
Toshiba's CEVO-Engine is Cell on steroids, with an ultra-bright LED LCD to burn your eyeballs into submission
Toshiba goes all LED with new HDTVs at IFA 2010
Toshiba finally dives into Blu-ray 3D with BDX3100 player, offers up BDX1100 if stereo's not your style
Toshiba StorE TV+ drive connects up to 2TB of media directly to your HDTV
Toshiba Places to deliver web content across all Toshiba screens
Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum 3D megadisplay eyes-on
Philips Dimenco glasses-less 3D TV of the future, hopefully our future
Sharp's 10.6-inch parallax barrier display makes us love our 3D glasses (video)
Philips Home Control's Dual is a QWERTY remote for attractive people
SageTV puts $150 HD Theater 300 up for pre-order, breaks down the specifications
Amulet voice-activated Windows Media Center remote hits the FCC
AT&T technical support tool suggests Xbox 360 will bring IPTV to U-Verse households soon
New Time Warner Cable deal brings ESPN to mobile devices and PCs
ESPN 3D review: college football kickoff
Chuck: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray review
Inception European Limited Edition Blu-ray (w/ briefcase) listed for December 6

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