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BlackBerry Storm3 is actually a warmed-over Storm2?

Chris Ziegler

The plot thickens! You might recall that alleged Storm3 shot from a few hours back -- didn't look half bad, right? Well, remember how we also postulated that it could be a Photoshop job? It's still too early to call it one way or the other, but BGR is reporting that the real Storm3 is more of a Storm2 clone that's slimmed down a bit, lost a tad of weight, and matches up with specs we'd seen in the past, even daring to carry on with the clicky SurePress display that the Torch ditched. Why Verizon would release a phone at the end of 2010 so close in design to an existing device that has accumulated virtually zero buzz is unclear; furthermore, we're more confused than ever whether the shot we saw earlier was a fake or yet another RIM device unrelated to the Storm line. For now, we're going to chalk it all up to SurfBook mania until we get it sorted out, so hang tight.

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