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HTC Desire HD vs. EVO 4G... fight!

By now you've probably read our Desire HD review and you've seen how HTC's latest Android flagship stacks up against its Windows Phone 7 sibling, the HD7. But how does it fare against the original Android giant, Sprint's EVO 4G? The devices share common displays (4.3-inch WVGA) and cameras (8 megapixel with dual LED flash) -- but they use different radios (HSPA+ versus CDMA / WiMAX) and processors (first-generation Snapdragon in the EVO, second-gen in the Desire). In fact, the two phones actually have very different personalities when you consider the Desire HD's aluminum unibody case and the EVO 4G's HDMI output and kickstand. Take a look at these mighty beasts side-by-side in our gallery -- along with a video after the break!

Note: In the video we mention that the Desire HD features a front facing camera. This is incorrect.

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