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HTC Wildfire reviewed in CDMA-packing, Alltel-branded guise

Chris Ziegler

HTC didn't bother to announce this when it said the Wildfire would be coming to some regional American carriers in the fourth quarter, but it turns out Alltel -- the tiny bits left of it in the wake of the Verizon acquisition, that is -- is one of those carriers, and Android Central put aside a little time to check it out. Build quality is said to be reasonable (as you'd expect from an HTC device) albeit a bit on the plasticky side, the camera's decent, and the load of Android 2.1 is refreshingly close to stock -- but the deal-breaker is that ridiculously low-res QVGA display, something we took issue with in our look at the GSM Wildfire earlier this year as well (this CDMA version is the phone rumored as the Bee, by the way). All told, not bad for $30... but when you consider that the HVGA LG Optimus T is hitting T-Mobile for the same price, HTC might have to do better than this in the low-end war.

[Thanks, Delon H.]

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