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Notion Ink Adam pre-order to begin today, pricing starts at $375 (updated!)

Joanna Stern

It has certainly been a long long road for Notion Ink, but the company is finally opening the Adam tablet pre-sale gates today. Now before you run off and grab your wallet, it appears that initial pre-orders will only be open to tried-and-true fans (apparently, they exist!) -- Slashgear is reporting that at 1:30 p.m. EST registered commenters on Notion Ink's blog will be sent the pre-order links. Then, about six hours later, the general pre-order page will be launched. Naturally, along with this news NI team is revealing detailed pricing, and as expected, there are lots of models to choose from. The entry level Adam will start at $375.33 and will pack a regular LCD and WiFi connectivity. Adding 3G shoots the price up to $425.33. On the higher end there's the Pixel Qi model, which will start at $499.95 with WiFi and $549.99 with 3G. As for software, the company's also released a lot of details on the Android skin it's been working on, and we have to say it looks pretty snazzy, though we'd love to see this on a working unit. Either way, check out the screens in the gallery below.

Of course, there's one major question left: when will the Adam finally ship? Well, you won't be getting it in time for Christmas, that's for sure -- if all goes as planned, they will be landing around January 6th. With that said, the tablet still hasn't cleared the FCC and we still haven't seen any live photos of this stuff in action, so click that pre-order button at your own risk.

UPDATE: The order site is live now, but there appears to have been major issues with the pre-order process. AndroidPolice reports that the site was up and down and points to an incredibly suspicious return policy. Apparently, it has been changed quite a few times, but as it stands now, if you want to return the unit you will have to pay a five percent "repack" fee and a five percent "service fee." Oh, and there's no reimbursement on the return shipping fees to India even if the product is "dead on arrival." Crunchgear also says there were lots of payment issues.

On top of that, Notion Ink is citing that the device will now ship in six to eight weeks -- that's longer than that January 6th date we heard. Like we said, be wary, very wary!

Update 2: Notion Ink is fessing up to a lot of its missteps and telling its side of the story on its blog today. Apparently, they will be releasing a real video of the tablet on December 18th. We're not sure why they can't just do this today, but looks like we will continue to wait...

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