Pixelmator now $30, available exclusively on Mac App Store

Pixelmator is an image-editing app for Mac that has a lot of fans. For just US$59, it performs many of the tasks that can also be done with the much more expensive Adobe Photoshop. The developers, Saulius and Aidas Dailide, have announced that Pixelmator will now be available exclusively through the Mac App Store. The price tag for Pixelmator has dropped as well; for a limited time, you can purchase the app for $29.99, making it even more of a bargain.

So why did the developers decide to move Pixelmator to the Mac App Store? In a blog posting on the Pixelmator site, they cite the following reasons (quoted from the post):

  • The Mac App Store is the future of Pixelmator (and probably of all other great Mac apps, too) sales and distribution.

  • Thanks to the Mac App Store, installation of your favorite image editor becomes easier than ever.

  • Because we are always improving Pixelmator, you will rest assured that your Pixelmator is always up-to-date with the latest improvements and features within the Mac App Store.

  • With the Mac App Store, you can easily re-download Pixelmator anytime you wish. This is especially useful when you get a new Mac.

  • With the Mac App Store, the headaches of dealing with all those serial numbers and anti-piracy system stuff are gone forever.

Peter Cohen at The Loop interviewed Saulius Dailide, and the interview reveals insights into the price change -- it's basically a way for existing users of the app to transition to the new Mac App Store purchase and upgrade infrastructure without being penalized. By purchasing the app at the lower price point now, buyers receive a free upgrade to the upcoming Pixelmator 2.0.

Several of the TUAW staffers have made Pixelmator their first Mac App Store purchase, and during the transition period it's certainly a good deal for a great piece of software.