Sony DSC-TX100V and the rest of the Cyber-shot posse hands-on

Sony announced a heap of new Cyber-shot cameras earlier this week, and after spying the entire line posing Miss America-style at Sony's CES booth, we decided to go hands on. The DSC-TX100V's OLED screen, which is a Cyber-shot first, was definitely impressive in terms of clarity, brightness and color reproduction -- despite only viewing a fellow convention goer obstructing the booth. The DSC-TX10 is also one the classiest looking ruggedized camera we've ever seen and thankfully lacks accents such as excessive rubber detailing. Sony wasn't really down with us testinghow much grief it could actually take though. Similarly, we had hoped to check out the DSC-WX10's 1920 x 1080 60fps video capture mode -- since it's the only digital compact to support it -- but that idea got shut down the moment a few Sony VIPs arrived. Still, we did manage to take a few shots of each in the wilds of the convention center which you can check out in the gallery below.