Net neutrality expert Tim Wu named senior advisor to the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission just appointed outspoken anti-DRM advocate Ed Felten as its first Chief Technologist a few months ago, and it's now made another fairly bold move with the appointment of Tim Wu as a senior advisor. As any Engadget Show viewer is no doubt well aware, Wu is not only a noted net neutrality expert, he actually coined the term, and he's not exactly shy to make his opinions on the matter known. He won't strictly be dealing with net neutrality at the FTC, though -- Chairman Jon Leibowitz says that he will instead be "working on issues at the nexus of consumer protection, competition, law and technology." For his part, Wu will be taking a leave from his position at Columbia Law School to take on the new job (which he'll begin February 14th), and it seems like he'll also be a bit less outspoken on Twitter -- his most recent tweet noted that there would be "no more policy tweets" starting next week. Head on past the break to watch our full interview with Wu from last fall.