Samsung 9 Series slides its rail-thin body through the FCC

Remember the Samsung 9 Series laptop from CES? Of course you do, it was the seriously thin, duralumin 13-inch laptop with a new Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor and 128GB SSD. Well, as you can see from the label shot above, the .68-inch system just passed through the FCC, which means the skinny sucker should be on track to hit its February release. (Our Samsung contact told us we should be expecting a unit later in the month so we're assuming it will hit retailers around then.) The FCC filing doesn't reveal much -- it was actually submitted by Broadcom -- but the label clearly shows its 900X3A model number and the drop-down port latches on the edges. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more on this beauty, but it can never hurt to watch our hands-on video from CES to remember just what we're lusting after here. Video after the break!