Acer's Aspire One D257 attempts to send ripples through MWC

Despite its variety of new tablets, Acer's already told us of its plans to continue on with its Aspire One netbooks, and the new D257 is all the proof we need of that. At this point, we don't know much about the latest 10.1-inch laptop, except that it does have one funky lid. It looks like a stone was dropped smack in the middle of the O in the Aspire One logo to create a ripple-like effect, and it's more than just an interesting paint job -- the plastic has actually been molded. It's a noteworthy design move, but we've never really been big fans of the huge logo in the first place. We were actually hoping Acer would nix it after the AO521. Spec-wise, Notebook Italia is reporting it will be powered by Intel's dual-core Atom N570 or N550 processors and the placard on display at MWC said that it will dual-boot Windows 7 Starter and Android. Ironically, the model on hand wouldn't boot at all, but we'll be listening out for an official announcement on this one. %Gallery-117119%