BMW's i3 and i8 prototypes caught on camera in garish attire

It was just a few weeks ago that BMW launched its new brand, simply called "i," and pledged two new electrified cars would be coming to save us from both the perils of pollution and the danger of boring commutes. Now here they are, spotted in the wild wearing the company's usual swirly vinyl, which is doing its best to hide those decidedly distinct curves -- and failing miserably, if we're honest. Both the i3 hatch (below) and i8 sportscar (above) were obviously doing some winter testing, and we'd say that the smile on the face of the passenger in the i8 is a good sign that the four-seater with 62MPG rating and a 0 - 62 time of 4.8 seconds will be fun to drive. Or fun to ride in, at least.