Virgin Media enables the third tuner on its TiVo DVR

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Overnight, Virgin Media has pushed upgrade to users of its TiVo box enabling the third tuner, which had lain dormant since they started shipping at the end of last year. Digital Spy points out that the next step is delivering new apps to the box, while Virgin Media is reportedly also considering upping the speed of the internal cable modem from 10Mbps to 20 Mbps. There's no word on whether or not this update has taken care of any other niggling issues users have noticed and as our friend Dave Zatz mentions, we're all waiting for the day the software is able to actually take advantage of the dual-core processor housed in the TiVo Premiere.

Update: The Virgin Media TiVo Blog also mentions the algorithm for calculating recording space has been updated, while the hard drive didn't get any bigger, it's gone from reporting 325 hours of SD and 99 hours of HD recording space available to 477 and 121 hours, respectively.
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