'Atari's Greatest Hits' app brings 100 new old games to iOS

A new universal iOS app from Atari is making the standard App Store rounds today, starting in New Zealand and propagating worldwide throughout the day. The Atari's Greatest Hits app is a free download that provides paid access to 100 games from Atari's arcade and 2600 library, including classics like Yars Revenge, Haunted House and Asteroids, weird games like Circus Atari, and even rarities like Quadrun.

The app comes bundled with Pong, with additional titles available in four-game packs for $1 each, or $15 for the whole collection. Some of the games, including the whole RealSports series, Warlords and Breakout, have been updated with Bluetooth multiplayer.

This is the latest in a recent Atari effort to repackage its classics once again. Atari's Greatest Hits: Volume 1 was released as a retail cartridge on DS in November 2010.