Samsung's RF4289 WiFi 'smart fridge' gets a dumb $3,499 price

Samsung's RF4289 "smart fridge" has just been dated and priced. Remember, this is the WiFi connected refrigerator with LED lighting and 28 cubic feet of storage that we first peeped back at CES in January. And with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen, Samsung provides quick access to "kitchen relevant applications" like Google calendar, Weatherbug forecasts, Epicurious recipes, AP news, Pandora music, and Picasa photos. You can also leave notes for the family or tap out a quick tweet should the compulsion arise. The wireless touchscreen is available on both the RSG309 side-by-side and RF4289 four-door french door models, but only the latter has received an end of May US launch date. Just keep in mind that the suggested $3,499 retail price is exactly $500 more expensive than Samsung's existing 28 cubic foot french door model, the touchscreen-less RF4287. Instead of shelling out a premium for what amounts to a novelty, maybe you should consider dedicating an entry-level BlackBerry PlayBook to the kitchen or pick up a fridge-friendly iPad 2 instead.