HTC's latest qHD phones, Kingdom and Rider, courtesy of Mr. Blurrycam

Likely feeling neglected after the arrival of HTC's Sensation, Mr. Blurrycam is looking to remind us that he can leak some qHD handsets with the best of 'em -- though with decidedly more... blurry results! On the left we have HTC's Kingdom, and right next to it the Rider. Given the proportion of the fascias (and what we know of qHD technology), we're likely looking at two 4.3-inch devices here, and if you look closely enough (or increase the brightness) you'll see buttons on the Rider that clearly resemble something from the EVO lineup. While we wish there was more to say about these devices, knowing that the shots were leaked by 911Sniper, we're mostly just surprised there's no accompanying ROM.

[Thanks, Anurag]