Flexible PaperPhone wants to get bent out of shape (video)

We love our smartphones (in part) because they're flexible, in the sense that they are mighty multitasking machines. Researchers from Queen's University in Ontario Canada, however, want flexible phones in a literal sense -- less five-tool player, and more master contortionist. Using a ductile e-ink display and elastic electronic underpinnings, they created a device called the PaperPhone that literally bends to its user's will. Curling the corners of the device isn't just for show, either, as folding the phone is how users navigate menus and make calls. We aren't completely sold on the idea of a bend-based UI, but we're definitely digging the lithe and lightweight phone form factor. Video of the new flexi-phone is after the break.

Update: A second video showing the same 3.7-inch display in a wearable computer project dubbed, "snaplet," has been added after the break.