LG Revolution root method promises to silence Bing's chime

If you're looking to banish Bing from your LG Revolution, then roll up those sleeves because root access is now possible on Verizon's latest LTE-equipped wunderphone. The process is relatively straightforward (provided you know what you're doing), and uses the rageagainstthecage method to unlock your handset's full potential. This crack comes one day following the phone's release, which suggests LG didn't expend much effort locking this one down. There's just two caveats here. First, you must install and configure the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), which puts the rage into your Revolution. Second, there's currently no option for recovery images -- which must be addressed for custom ROMs to be of any value. Still, if you're undeterred (or really want to eliminate bloatware), just follow the source for this superuser solution.

[Thanks, Andy]