Jagex reveals Transformers Universe, gears up for BotCon

The upcoming Transformers MMO from Jagex officially has a name. Transformers Universe also sports a new official website, and we encourage you to head over and sign up for the game's newsletter if Autobots and Decepticons are your thing.

Transformers Universe will be a browser-based free-to-play MMO, and the scuttlebutt surrounding the project seems to indicate a planned launch sometime in 2012. Jagex, maker of the long-running RuneScape browser game, has just pushed out a press release featuring the name reveal as well as some info relating to BotCon (the official Transformers fan convention).

Jagex will be of course be pimping its new ride at the con (which runs from June 3rd to June 5th in Pasadena, California) and promises that visitors "will be the first to see the graphical style and direction for the game."