Motorola XPRT available now on Sprint for $129.99 on contract

It took eight months, but Sprint has launched the Motorola XPRT, a rebadge of the Droid Pro that Verizon's been shilling since November. Since the Now Network is late to the game, it lowered the price to $129.99 on contract -- $50 less than what Big Red customers had to pay when the phone was brand new. (Then again, Verizon has since slashed the price to $149.99, or $99.99 if you buy online.) To recap, the XPRT is a portrait QWERTY handset with a 1GHz processor, 3.1-inch HVGA touchscreen, and a 5 megapixel camera running Android 2.2 with Motoblur layered on top. And, like Verizon's version, it has a dual-mode CDMA / GSM chip making it ripe for worldwide roaming. We know, you've seen this phone before, but for what it's worth, if you've been holding out for an Android device with a portrait QWERTY keyboard on Sprint's network, the XPRT is one of just two options (the other being the lower-end Samsung Replenish).