A new experience is launching for City of Heroes -- Freedom

The world of City of Heroes is changing. Players in the game now face an invasion from another dimension and a staggering host of new threats. But there's an even bigger change on the horizon, one that will shake the game to its very fundamentals. That change is City of Heroes Freedom, a combination of a new hybrid business model for the game that will add a plethora of new rewards, subscription option, and content for all players of the game. The fact that it will open the game up to a free-to-play model is almost incidental considering the other sweeping changes coming to the game as a whole.

The longstanding Veteran Rewards system will be getting overhauled into a new Paragon Rewards system, which will offer all of the extant rewards along with a huge number of additional bonuses on a monthly basis. Subscribers will be upgraded to VIP Players, gaining access not only to priority queues and a special VIP-only server but to an exclusive signature story arc every month, allowing characters to experience ongoing stories alongside the important lore characters of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. VIP players will also be gaining a free monthly stipend of Paragon Points for the game's new cash store, which will allow players access to new costumes, new power sets, and even new weapon and usage styles for existing sets. City of Heroes players should take a look at the official site and get ready for the newest upgrade to the game -- a solid dose of old-school freedom.