Sliding Keyboard: it's like Swype, but for Windows Phone 7

In the Android realm, Swype has been life-changing for many; of course, reverting back to the messaging ways of old has been a must when jumping ship to WP7. Now, gesture tracing crosses the aisle, and it's hopping over to Microsoft's turf courtesy of Invoke IT's Sliding Keyboard. With the look of the regular ol' WP7 keyboard, this set of arm floaties records the user tracing out text, just like ex-Android fans are accustomed to. The company goes a bit further by offering a pair of goggles -- in the form of Bing search, text messaging and email options along the bottom of the app. Sure, it's seeing its fair share of first-revision bugs (word recognition seems a bit poor based on early reviews), but at a cool $1.29 (and a free trial preceding that), it's a good bit cheaper than a therapy session. Right?