The Daily Grind: What payment model should mobile MMOs adopt?

Right now, two of the biggest mobile MMOs cling to radically different payment plans. Pocket Legends offers up the core gameplay for free with a heavy reliance on microtransactions, while Order & Chaos Online charges a (small) monthly fee to play.

The problem is that gamers who might be OK with either subscriptions or microtransactions when it comes to MMOs on the big screen balk at treating these little screen versions the same way. The question is whether gamers will be more comfortable getting the first taste for free and paying small charges on top of that or signing up for a monthly fee and expecting subscription-level service thereafter.

What do you think? If MMO studios are to make any money off the mobile market, how should they go about doing it? What would you be comfortable paying for a reasonably good game, assuming that you'd play a mobile title?

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