Level-5's 3DS hostess club game becomes Girls' RPG Cinderellife

Last year, Level-5 announced a 3DS version of its mobile game Kyaba Joppi, in which you play an employee of a hostess club, and interact with guests including famous anime characters. The developer announced a name change in the latest issue of Famitsu, which provides evidence of the (heavy-handed) intention to expand this version: it's called "Girls' RPG Cinderellife" now.

CEO Akihiro Hino told Famitsu that the original version is the most popular game on Level-5's mobile service ROID, "so I wanted to make it into a full RPG experience. If all the individual components work together, I think there's a chance it could become a big hit."

Cinderellife stars a country girl who comes to "Neo-Ginza" to hit it big. The game follows her career at a hostess club called The Castle; gameplay involves talking to the guests, having them order overpriced food from the club's menu, and leveling up based on your performance. The fact that you're probably thinking about how creepy hostess clubs sound right now (and not without justification) is why we don't expect to see this particular Level-5 creation outside of Japn.