Fujitsu to launch first Windows Phone Mango handset in... August?

Say it ain't so -- not only is a phone not delayed, it's actually planning to come out earlier than its quoted launch window? This particular miracle is the exception much more than the rule, but Microsoft's latest Windows Phone OS (nicknamed "Mango,") might come out prior to the anticipated fall release. According to Nikkei, Fujitsu will offer the very first Mango device, a waterproof phone called the IS12T, on KDDI "as early as late next month." The phone is to be sold for 30,000 - 40,000 yen ($378 - 505), a reasonable amount of coin for what will likely be a higher-end device. And -- if it's the same handset showcased at this week's Worldwide Partner Conference -- a pink version will be on sale. So, what's more enticing: a Hello Kitty-flavored Windows Phone, or a Samsung Galaxy S II lookalike running Mango? It's a tough call.