Nokia RM-670 swans through the FCC, gives us another 'Zeta' portrait to admire

We first saw the Nokia RM-670 (aka the N7 or 700 Zeta) in a batch of unflattering spy-shots, then in some leaked publicity poses, and now we also have an exquisite line drawing courtesy of the FCC. Sure, it's not the most detailed of portraits, but it's the first absolutely concrete evidence we have that the RM-670 exists and may be headed to the New World. The FCC paperwork lists 1700MHz AWS and 850/1900Mhz 3G bands, suggesting that the handset could potentially work on T-Mobile or AT&T. Other rumored specs doing the rounds include the new Symbian Belle OS, a 1GHz processor, NFC and a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen -- as if those rounded contours weren't pleasing enough.

[Thanks, Glenn]