Sprint posts Q2 2011 earnings: net subs up, contract subs down, net loss of $847 million

It's another mixed bag worth of earnings for the folks in Overland Park. Sprint just announced its Q2 2011 earnings prior to the market's open today, and while it's obviously doing its darnedest to paint a rosy picture, the raw numbers show a somewhat different backdrop. Despite having its third consecutive quarter of adding more than one million total net new wireless subscribers, the vast majority of those are coming from the (admittedly less lucrative) prepaid side. In fact, the company lost 101,000 postpaid subscribers in the period, and we're guessing that the one-two punch of WiMAX hitting the expansion skids while VZW built out LTE at a breakneck pace didn't help matters. 674,000 prepaid subs were added to the mix (through Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, etc. arms), and despite seeing quarterly sequential and year-over-year growth in wireless service revenue, the carrier still reported a net loss of $847 million. In a way, it's the same story on a different day for The Now Network, and while the just-announced LightSquared partnership may end up bolstering things in time, it'll take something a bit more jarring to turn things around by Q3. Or Q4... right, Dan?