SWTOR's Daniel Erickson: 'The mix of anticipation and fear is huge'

Star Wars: The Old Republic

For most people, having the game you're working on break every pre-order record your parent company has ever seen would be enough to give you a breather and a sigh of relief. Not so with Star Wars: The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson, who admits to being on pins and needles nevertheless. Talking with, Erickson says, "At least for myself, nothing short of shipping and actually being successful will alleviate that worry. I've watched this game grow since before day one and as with any creative project you pour your heart into, the mix of anticipation and fear is huge. We'll relax after the game is out, running beautifully and our fans are having a blast."

In the interview, Erickson used the opportunity to clear the air over a misquote concerning SWTOR "lasting decades," explain why he doesn't fully trust outside industry analysts, and talk about why the dev team stayed with the tried-and-true hotbar for combat.

Erickson also thinks that the subscription model isn't going anywhere, but will be applied mostly to "top tier" MMOs. "I expect to see a small group of games compete for the subscription dollar," he predicts, "and a larger group take on the F2P market with smaller, faster produced games that try to establish a core market then use the revenue streams created from that small market to improve and expand their game."