Eden Eternal update features Territory Wars, new content

Eden Eternal

'Tis the season for free-to-play content updates, and Eden Eternal is next on our list. The fantasy title from Aeria Games just added a new class, a level cap increase, and a new PvP territorial war system to its feature list as of this morning.

The new class takes the form of the Warlock, a practitioner of the dark arts who specializes in spawning parasites on his targets and manipulating said targets with an array of spells. The content update also brings the Delphi Forest and Blackflame Peak adventuring regions to Eden Eternal players, and the game's southwestern continent now features the Sunset Desert and Skyreach Jungle areas for high-level characters.

New quests and dungeons are also in the offing, as is a loyalty shop that rewards players with Aeria Points for completing standard gameplay tasks. Finally, the Territory Wars system takes a bow, and guilds can go for the jugular in free-for-all brawls that Aeria's press release says will "push the limits of teamwork." More info is available in the patch notes located on the official Eden Eternal website.