Dell quietly kills Streak 5 while nobody's looking, mourns end-of-life status

Updated ·1 min read

The Dell Streak 5 has always been an outlier, and it's traveled a bumpy road ever since the unveiling when Dell insisted its smartphone was in fact a portable tablet. From the delayed launch in the US to its $549 price for a SIM-locked unit -- not to mention the uncomfortably long dance with Donut -- perhaps this moment has been coming for a while. That's right, folks, the Dell Streak 5 is no more. Last month we reported it had been taken off the market while it received a software update, but the hive mind in Round Rock must have changed its sentiments along the way. The company now hosts a web page that declares its spacious smartphone / compact tablet has met end-of-life status, and it's offering little information other than the ominous phrase, "Streak 5 is no longer available." Perhaps spinners such as DJ_Steve will keep the misbegotten wonder alive with projects like StreakDroid, but for the time being, we're forced to hang our heads to honor the Streak's passing. It's been a great ride, indeed.