City of Heroes art lead contemplates the Hamidon redesign

City of Heroes: Hamidon Seed

City of Heroes Freedom brings not only changes to the payment model of the premiere superhero MMO but also to the art design for some of the existing creatures. In a developer diary posted on PC Gamer, Art Lead Gilbert Martinez explains the process behind creating a new threatening version of the Hamidon.

One of our goals for the new Praetorian incarnations of Hamidon was to raise their threat level while keeping them tied visually to the original blob-like mass players are familiar with. We felt that it was important to design these creatures in a way that emphasized their power and scale and made it clear that they are worthy of going toe-to-toe with the all-powerful Tyrant.

Martinez does not explain if this new incarnation of the monster will take 50+ heroes to defeat like its predecessor, but we are looking at a completely different creature than the former giant congealed mass.

PC gamer hosts the whole diary on its website, which includes new screenshots of the Hamidon and a gigantic monster called the Shivan from the redesigned tutorial. And next week, City of Heroes hosts two panels at PAX. Massively will have reporters on the scene giving you the latest news for Paragon City!