Planet War's open beta features contests, in-game prizes

Planet War - concept art

Planet War's beta phases are moving right along, and today marks the start of the sci-fi browser title's official open beta. Getting in on the action is as easy as navigating to the game's official website and signing up for a free account.

There's no download (and no cost, as Planet War is free-to-play), so there's really nothing stopping you from checking it out. What sets the game apart from the legions of other browser games clamoring for your hard-earned free time? Contests, basically, and YooGames is running a lot of them during the buildup to the title's official release. According to the company's latest press release, "events include building the largest army of commanders, racing towards the best technology, and so much more."

Head to the official Planet War website and get your free account to see exactly how much more.