BeBook Club 'S' boosts speed, contrast, leaves off nothing for savings

The respectable, if not exactly mind-blowing, BeBook Club e-reader is getting an update and adding an "S." So, what exactly does the BeBook Club 'S' bring to the party? Well, one of them fancy Pearl e-ink screens for starters, but also storage (it now sports 1GB of internal flash) and speed (it's got a beefy new 800MHz CPU). The design remains the same, but we're hoping the price doesn't. At $179 the original BeBook Club was always a tough sell, and with the price of the Kindle and Nook tumbling fast the 'S' here better also stand for savings.

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Introducing : the BeBook Club 'S'

Adding the 'S'

Our BeBook 'Club' has been our bestseller for the past year. It has built a reputation of a no-nonsense true E-Ink eReader. It's appreciated for best value for money and has won numerous awards.

But as technology evolves, we kept improving the BeBook Club accordingly, to make sure it keeps on meeting today's standards and expectations.

Our proud result is the BeBook Club 'S'. The BeBook Club 'S' still has the elegant and trendy look and feel as the original BeBook Club, but here's where the 'S' comes from.

- 'S' for 'Sports', due to a new controller, page turning on the BeBook Club 'S' is faster and makes it our fastest member of the BeBook family!

- 'S' for 'Screen', Instead of a regular E-Ink screen, the BeBook Club 'S' comes with a high contrast Pearl E-Ink screen.

- 'S' for 'Storage', we doubled up the internal memory, now it easily, holds up to 2000 books or documents. Of course this can be expanded with a regular SD card up to 16 Gb.

- 'S' for 'Speed', an ultrafast Marvell 800 Mhz CPU has been added and improves functionality of all original features.

- 'S' for 'Sight', all of the above features guarantee the best contrast and reading experience currently available.

Apart from all the above, the BeBook Live 'S' has an extended battery live which offers twice the number of page turnes compared to it's predecessor.

Introduction and availability

The BeBook 'S' will be shown to the public at the IFA Consumer Electronics fair in Berlin (September 2 – 7 2011). To have a first glimpse and a 'hands on' experience please visit the booth in Hall 6.2 (booth 204)

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