Ford Evos cloud-connected concept car unveiled at Frankfurt

The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show doesn't kick off until tomorrow, but already Ford's unveiled the tasty hunk of conceptual automotive design it teased us with a few weeks back. It's called the Evos, it's loaded with technology and, while it doesn't look much like any of the current autos you'll find down at the local Blue Oval dealer, it's actually said to be the precursor of a new model that's coming in just four months time. Join us after the break for more details.

The Evos is said to be a "cloud-connected" car, learning your preferences and connecting to these great internets to pull down details like traffic, road issues and points of interest. That's all standard stuff, but it'll also determine your driving ability plus driving intents and tailor the suspension and driving modes appropriately.

It's a plug-in hybrid, so it can run as a full electric for at least part of its 500 mile total range. And, thanks to that connected nature we just mentioned, it'll even look at the layout of the roads ahead and switch between EV and normal modes appropriately. Finally, it can detect the heart rate of the driver, who is situated in a red leather throne Ford calls "the hot seat." That's just one of four seats, exposed by four gull-wing doors.

Again, the Evos is just the first of many concept cars to be unveiled today that will surely never see production, but again Ford is promising we'll see some of this technology in a new model that's just months away from being revealed. Color us intrigued.