Advertisement publishes World of Tanks development plan

World of Tanks - screenshot has gifted World of Tanks fans with a development roadmap for the World War II-based action MMO, and a visit to the game's official website will give you a preview of what's coming down the pike over the next year.

The post lays out quite a bit of information, most of it marked with vague release windows like Q3 2012 and so on. There's the standard "dates are subject to change" disclaimer, but it's nonetheless interesting to see what looks to be a fairly complete development schedule. What are the highlights? Well, more tank models, of course, followed by new game types including historical battle, escort, garage battle, assault, and company battle modes.

There's also an expansion of the clan wars map in the works, as well as new customization options, vehicle physics, and more.

[Thanks to Greg for the tip!]