Seen@TGS: Physical copies of PlayStation Vita games

You've heard about the "NGV," right? Sony's proprietary media format for the PlayStation Vita? If you haven't, that's totally okay, as Sony hasn't exactly been speaking about it very much. The company didn't actually mention it during its Vita-focused TGS 2011 press conference, or during its similarly Vita-heavy keynote. In fact, outside of a generic version shown off over the past year, we'd never actually seen a physical copy of a game for the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

That all changed this morning, as we spotted the little NGV cards hiding in a glass case at the Sony booth, alongside their housing -- small blue Vita game boxes. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Daze, and Hot Shots Golf (Everybody's Golf 6 in Japan) were all on display, as seen in the gallery below. Take a peek, they're adorable!%Gallery-134015%